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Welcome to the family. What’s next?

We wanted to keep the dialogue going and welcome you once again to the Dyn
Inc. family. We also wanted to share a couple things with you to put you at
ease with what we’re thinking in regards to your current service(s).

First off, anyone who has donated to David and EveryDNS since 2001 will be
grandfathered into free Custom DNS hosting with DynDNS.com. Back in 2001 we
made an announcement to our 19,000 free Custom DNS users that they would
have service for life because of their early adopter loyalty. We promise to
honor that same commitment to you. Have no fear.

We’re looking at a 90-120 day transition. We’re in the process of
moving the EveryDNS service over to a parallel infrastructure. The first
thing we want to do is get our support and network operations teams ready
so we can service you the best we can. This will remain email support only.
If you’d like phone support or to upgrade to a superior service, please
sign up for DynDNS Custom DNS, which is $30/year. If you sign up on the
site (you must do this first) and then email support@dyndns.com, we’ll
throw a $10 voucher in your account to give you an initial “Welcome

You can still sign up for free for the next 30 days or so at
So tell your friends, family and colleagues to do so now as we will be
redirecting EveryDNS.com to DynDNS.com in the coming weeks.

In the meantime we encourage you to learn more about us by checking out
our corporate website, exploring our services DynDNS.com the Dynect
Platform. We expect that you’ll learn that we are a company built around
engineering excellence with a long history of 100% uptime. We are an
Infrastructure-as-a-Service with a Web 2.0 attitude. We are transparent in
our communication and obsessive about customer service. We are experts in
DNS not because we say we are, but because we’ve been focused on DNS for
12 years. Our main priority is to ensure that you, the EveryDNS user base,
are happy with your new home. We’re glad you’re here.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @DynInc (corporate communication) and
@DynDNS (Support- DynDNS Ninja Squad). You can also become a fan on
Facebook. Lastly, we made this announcement while we were attending the CES
Las Vegas show. Please check out the video highlight reel and let us know
what you think.

Thank you,
DynDNS Ninja Squad




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ただ、NECの機種紹介ページのオプション紹介の欄の「FOMA 補助充電アダプタ 01」の項目に※5と打たれていまして、気になる注釈が記載されていました。

※5: N-01Bを充電する場合は、各種設定をお買い上げ時の状態にして、ECOモードに設定するか、「照明設定」の「明るさ」を「レベル3」以下で充電してください。